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12 WordPress Search Plugins to Improve Your Site Search

Suppose you are using the search engine that WordPress brings by default. In that case, you are making it difficult for your users to get the content they need from your website, which generates a poor user experience and possibly triggers your bounce rate, that is, people who abandon your web not finding what you are looking for.

Luckily, as usual, there are a large number of options that we can implement directly from the WordPress plugin directory. There are several WordPress search plugins available that can be very useful.

So, here is the list of 12 best WordPress search plugins to improve Search on your website:

1. Relevanssi

Relevanssi is an easy-to-use WordPress search plugin that comes with many configurable features and options. You can easily adjust the weighting of titles, tags, and comments.

This plugin allows you to highlight search terms in documents when the user clicks on search results. Users will get support in case there is any difficulty with the plugin.

The plugin doesn’t use the cloud-based search service, making it a little slower, depending on your hosting. It comes with Search Throttling to improve performance on large databases.

Relevanssi site search

2. Swiftype Plugin, the Advanced Search Engine for WordPress

Swiftype is a premium plugin that provides us with the most powerful advanced search engine for WordPress on the market. However, if you have an important project that you can afford, go ahead; you will not regret it. The reader will easily search the results by dragging and placing them in the order that interests him most using the drag & drop functionality. This plugin give real-time results: Instantly display search results without having to accept the Search.

Swiftype plugin, the advanced search engine for WordPress

3. Better Search

Better Search is a feature-rich WordPress search plugin that allows you to easily customize the result. This plugin replaces the default WordPress search plugin with the enhanced version.

The plugin also allows you to specify the weighting factor in the article title, thumbnails, and content that can be displayed in search results.

After installing and activating this plugin, visitors will be able to search for content in custom fields that you have created. It’s packed with filters and actions for advanced users that allow you to extend the plugin’s feature set easily.

You can track your searches and display the most popular ones intuitively. It includes a useful function called “search heatmap.”

Better Search

4. Ivory Search

Ivory Search is an advanced WordPress search plugin that enhances WordPress default search. And it allows you to create new custom search forms.

You can create an unlimited number of search forms and configure them individually. It also allows you to customize and perform different types of searches on the content of your site.

The plugin is easy to display the search box in the header, footer, sidebar, widget-ready areas, messages, etc. using the short code.

It is a free version, but it also comes with many unique features compared to other search plugins, such as having the ability to only search within password-protected messages or messages created within a specific date range.

Ivory Search

5. SearchIQ

SearchIQ is a comprehensive and flexible search solution for WordPress that provides an enhanced search experience for your website. Provides fast, secure, and accurate search results as you type.

SearchIQ comes with a real-time analytics dashboard that helps to understand user behavior and improve your site’s content strategy. It includes a customizable user interface and artificial intelligence to handle typos, synonyms, fuzzy matches, etc.


6. Search Live

Search Live is the best free WordPress search plugin that provides built-in live search functions and advanced search functions. This plugin comes with a smooth interactive experience that gives immediate results for your site visitors. Provides instant live search results with thumbnails, and there you can will find one or more search keywords, excerpts, content, or title.

This plugin is easy to configure with a short code. It allows you to add a widget to add a search box to widget-ready areas that will enhance your visitors’ search experience.

It will display instant search results, including short descriptions or manual excerpts and thumbnails.

Search Live


7. SearchWP

If you want the best WordPress search plugins, then SearchWP is the best. This plugin is a flexible one that is the best solution for your website visitors and developers.

The plugin is a complete search solution for searching and indexing the front-end and backend of WordPress. It allows you to configure your website’s search engine quickly and easily. Although it is a premium plugin, it is easy to configure where coding is not required.


The plugin is fully integrated with WooCommerce, bbPress, Easy Digital Downloads, and the WP Job Manager. Plus, it fully integrates with metadata and custom documents like text, PDF, and office documents.

8. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search is a simple WordPress search plugin that creates a simple search box to display instant search results. Website users can search and get results in real-time without loading other pages and limiting wait times.

Additionally, it allows your users to search within specific categories or tags and filter the results.
The plugin displays extensive search results for your posts, categories, pages, product content, etc.

And, it shows the price of the product in the suggestion list. You will get regular updates and improvements with this plugin.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

9. Site Search 360

Site Search 360 is a feature-rich, super easy to install WordPress search plugin that is the best solution for all websites.

This plugin is perfect and fast, making it a great option to offer your users a fast search experience on the site. It comes with easy-to-use tools that will take just a few moments to improve your user experience and search for items/products.

It includes amazing customization options that look great out of the box and is super simple to configure to match your pre-existing brand identity. And there is also CSS customization, which is better if you want to go further.

Site Search 360

10. Ajax Search Lite / Pro

This WordPress plugin is ideal if you want to make a search engine with an auto complete option for your visits. As always, you must go to your WordPress administration panel, find the plugin in the official repository, and install it.

Once active, an option will appear in our panel’s side menu that will show us all the tabs to configure the plugin.

In the general tab, we will see that one of the most important parts that we find is the «theme» or color scheme our search engine will use. It has several designs available, gray, red, and blue, etc…
What are you waiting to try it? It’s free!

Ajax Search Lite / Pro

11. Instant Search & Suggest for WordPress

This free plugin improves the WordPress search engine installed by default and adds several functionalities. The possibility of displaying search results in real-time as terms are added; that is, the user doesn’t need to click or press. Enter anything so that matches to your Search are instantly displayed.

12. Voice Search

This plugin will allow you to introduce voice search capabilities into your WordPress search engine, which is quite similar to voice search through Google Now.

Voice Search

Currently, the voice search plugin only works with some web browsers like Safari and Chrome. Firefox is said to add the voice search option shortly.

Conclusion: So, if you are developing a user-friendly website, then use any of the above search plugins in your site. It makes it easy for your users to search for data on your site. If, you have any query regarding this WordPress Tutorial, just comment us.

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